Support for Hospitality Workers

Join us in making a difference! Family Meal Hospitality Trust, a certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit, was born from the desire to support struggling hospitality workers. Our focus is clear: providing tangible support for hospitality workers facing financial, emotional, or mental health challenges. Whether you're a professional in need or passionate about supporting our community, your contribution helps us make a lasting impact.

A man with a mustache wearing a black hat and black t-shirt working the fryers in a restaurant kitchen
Man in a camo t-shirt pouring golden liquid from one clear tub into another

Who We Serve

At Family Meal Hospitality Trust, our mission is rooted in supporting hospitality workers across the spectrum. We prioritize those facing challenges, ensuring no one within the industry is left behind. Our commitment extends to individuals in need, emphasizing inclusivity and providing a lifeline to those navigating financial, emotional, or mental health difficulties.

How We Serve

Our approach is grounded in concrete steps aimed at making a meaningful impact. Through targeted initiatives, we offer assistance such as health insurance coverage, rehabilitation support, money management guidance, and paid leave provisions. By addressing the specific needs of hospitality professionals, we strive to provide tangible and timely aid, empowering them to overcome challenges and continue contributing to the vibrancy of our community. At Family Meal Hospitality Trust, our focus is not just on the industry but on the individuals who make it exceptional.

A group of restaurant workers gathered in the kitchen sharing a laugh as they look over something